Monday, July 13, 2009

Wow! Sorry it has been so long since I blogged! I can't use my usual excuse of being crazy busy. Hmmm.... Things have actually been kinda slow around here. Everyone is on vacation and putting off hair appointments and classes. So, I have been home a LOT! I have been cleaning and catching up on things that have been pushed aside for waaaay to long. We have had our share of drama too, which I won't bore you with right now. I think it is being handled now so I feel I can concentrate on something else a little bit. My son has had a little problem with his blood. His counts aren't right and he has to be tested every week to see if they have improved. So far, they have not. The numbers are not alarming off, so the doc feels it is something benign like a virus or something. Hopefully it resolves soon. It doesn't appear to be affecting him in any way physically tho, so that's good.

The only pics I have to post are of Nick and Dave's trip up to see his dad in Oregon. A nice little getaway for them. Nick came home with new wheels to drive! Grandpa and Dad worked a trade for some work Dad did to Grandpa's truck for an old Jeep Cherokee. It has a few problems they will have to fix, but it is pretty nice! Dad is the Jeep Guru, you know! They don't call him Diamond Dave for nothing!
The mountain in the photo is Mt. Shasta. It is so beautiful. I don't ever get tired of seeing it. Nature is a wonderful thing.

There is one little picture of Baby Molly. She is Michele, Nick's girlfriend's new puppy. Isn't she cute? We had her over the other night. She is still so tiny that she sits in your lap the whole time! She is going to be fun!

I am sorry I don't have anything crafty to post about. I have not been in a crafty frame of mind with all our drama here. Now things have settled down I am getting back in to the groove. I will post something soon! Have a great day!


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