Monday, December 17, 2007

Hello & Welcome!

Hello Everyone, and welcome to my first post! This is such a fun way to keep in touch with friends and family and show you what I have been working on. I look forward to hearing from you all, so let me know what you think, okay!

In the Porter household we are trying to get the boys through finals week and finish up our Christmas preparations. We got our tree a little late this year, so we are behind in the decorations department. No worries! Christmas happens whether the house is decorated or not, right! That's what I keep telling myself so that I can sleep at night anyway!

I have been working hard on Christmas gifts and some classes at Green Tangerines for January. You'll have to wait for pictures of the gifts until after the 25th! Don't want to give away the surprise! I'll post the pictures of the class samples ASAP though. I made some darling cards for Valentine's Day using the new K&Co "Smitten" line. I know, I know, Christmas isn't even over yet. Shame on me for even bringing Valentine's Day up, but... You know we crafters have to be one step ahead if we want to get the cute stuff!

I have been so inspired by classes I have taken this last year and it really has helped me to let go and create what I like. I love when we can get together and build on one another's ideas!

Oh! Another scrapbooker has been born! My girlfriends and I were making an album for a friend who is going through a tough time, and we converted his wife! She sat down to help and she was awesome right from the get go! I love it! She has been out foraging for supplies at the LSS (Green Tangerines!) every other day!

Okay, one more piece of juicy news and I will have to go. Check out the Stamper's Sampler Take Ten Winter 2008 issue, because.... I got published! Pages 26 & 42. I was so surprised! I thought time was up long ago and I didn't make it in. Yay!

Have a fabulous day and I'll chat with you soon!


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