Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hello and Happy New Year! Christmas came and went with a blur! It was a low key and memorable holiday though. I did not get all my projects done, but since my whole family has a birthday sometime in the next 2 months, they will be birthday gifts! Enjoy these photos of our Christmas!

Sorry that it has been so long! I promise to blog more in the new year! Right now I am playing around with some of the techniques Tim used for his 12 Tags of Christmas, creating some cute Hallowen designs to submit, and trying to learn all I can about my new cricut! Santa was good to me this year and I have lots of new toys to play with in my craft room. It brings me so much joy to create!

This year I have some definite goals that I would like to acheive in the world of paper arts. I encourage you to set at least one goal for yourself, no matter how small it seems and stick to it this year. Even if it is something as simple as take 5 photos a week, or journal about something once a week, or complete one project you started by the end of the month. Try to pick something achievable and not overwhelming, but still a challenge for yourself.

Here are a few of my goals for this year:

create art for my home

beef up my card stash

submit to more publications

work on my scrapbooks

take more photos

take a photo class

take more art classes

learn more techniques

trust my crazy ideas!

Those ought to keep me busy this year! I'll keep you posted on how I am doing with my progress.

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