Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blogging about my Journal?

Okay, how self-absorbed does that seem? Oh well. I wanted to post pictures of my journal that I am working on from the Cambria trip. I have to say that it isn't working out exactly like I wanted, but I still like it because I love my photos! Richele hand painted the inside pages and the outside as well, I think. I love the inside pages, but I am covering them up with my writing! I'll have to recreate them for something else. I am not above framing paper! I learn so much hanging around these creative gals.
I have also posted some pics of my doggies because they are so cute! And some of the kids as well. Nick and his girlfriend Michele just went to Homecoming last weekend. Aren't they adorable! The picture at the top is the moon behind some clouds from my backyard. Jake took it. He has quite the eye for composition. I keep trying to push him towards photography and graphic arts.
I'm kinda tired tonight so I'm cuttin' it short. I have to get a decent nights sleep for a change!



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Nana said...

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