Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Few More...

I have been a busy little crafter lately! I am in the narrow window of time where I have finished classes for this year and I need to start making samples for next quarter. So.... I have been taking advantage of the time and experimenting with some of the new (and old!) products form Tim Holtz and other companies as well. I would like to get my own Christmas projects done this year too! I have gotten a lot faster, so I think I will be okay for that. My Craft Cave is much more efficient the way I have it arranged - although I still can't find some things! No big deal. I know they will turn up sooner or later! Probably right after I buy a new one!
The photos tonight are of a little book I made with the photos we took at Bishop's Pumpkin Farm back in October. I know they are not the best photos of the project, sorry. The lighting in the Cave is not good at night and I was getting weird shadows and flash reflections. I hope that you can see the stamping - that's my favorite part next to the pictures! I think I took over 190 pictures that day, and out of that I printed 80! I didn't use them all, but I did use about 75 or so! Not bad, I think for a little book!

I am really excited about the classes I will be teaching next quarter. I tried to listen to all the feedback I received from my students and put those ideas into play. I so appreciate feedback! These classes are for you and I want to be sure that I meet your needs as well as share some cool ideas with you! One of the things I heard over and over again was how students liked all the detail and creative ways to use stamps and materials. I did have one class where I had a little too much detail and the class ran way over time! I have tried to remedy that by keeping the detail, but limiting the projects so that we can complete them in 2 hours. If the project requires more time we will probably hold the class during the day or on the weekend. I am listening to you guys! I have a million ideas for classes, but not that much time to plan, prep, and teach them! So please be patient and keep checking back to see what I'm up to! I am trying to get it all in!
I have a few new items up on Etsy as well. I told you I have been busy! Actually, some of them were completed from last year and the year before and just waiting around for the holiday season again. There are a couple of cards and tags right now, but there will be more very soon! I am just putting the finishing touches on a few things. They are not photo ready yet! I am excited because it is something I have not really done before! You'll have to check back soon and see what I did... (What a tease!)
Okay, I am running out of steam, so I'm calling it a night! Have a fabulous day and do something creative today!

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Anonymous said...

Your October book is just too cute!
Can't wait to see the one from Thanksgiving!!!

Have a great turkey day!
Ms Belle