Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A few new pics for you, but no project pics today! They are coming, I promise! I have a few completed and just need to photograph and post. I have been sharing the camera with the kids lately and the battery is endlessly dead!
Nick and Michele and I went to Apple Hill this weekend. We had a fabulous time running around. Lots of laughs and giggles, ahhh young love...
I was watching the CMA awards tonight and I was so emotional! Music, art, and dance do that to me sometimes, I'm not sure why. It made me think of all kinds of art and creativity. I am definitely an artsy person because it stimulates something in brain that is unlike anything else. I don't know how to describe it, but I know not everyone shares the feeling. I can see it when you get that blank stare when you show someone something that really gets you going and they say, "uh huh" without even looking at it! I feel so thankful and blessed to have the ability to be open to those beautiful things that touch my soul. I also feel so blessed to have 2 creative jobs, and many friends that share my love for all things beautiful. I am truly a lucky girl.
Gosh I am so sappy tonight! Listening to all that country music has fried my brain! Just kidding! I really do enjoy it sometimes, (sometimes it is too much!) but I can relate to a lot of the lyrics of everyday life and love stories. Our family life and our love story is so ordinary in a wonderful sort of way. ( okay, I don't know what is wrong with me tonight, feel free to barf at this sappy nonsense at any time!)
Okay, moving on... I taught my last class for the year at The Stamp Art Shoppe last night. It is sad to be through for the year. I love teaching and sharing with my students what I have learned, but I know my own projects are waiting patiently in the wings for my attention. I also have the next round of classes to prepare for. The students at the Shoppe are amazing and so supportive. I will definitely miss them for a few weeks! I never did get a picture of my students. Next round, maybe?
Okay last word... I encourage you to find something in your life that touches you deep in your soul. Whether it is art, music, or family, friends, or your career, your dog, a charity, whatever. I challenge you to open the door to your soul and let something wonderful in! Send me a comment when you find it!
My sappy self says goodnight!


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