Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Banner, New Shop

Good morning! I just had to do a quick post this morning to show off my new banner for my Etsy store! A fabulous artist on Etsy made a banner for me that could not be more perfect! If you are looking for a banner or something similar, you HAVE to check out her shop! She has beautiful premade banners (the best I saw!) and she went above and beyond to create something custom for me. Thanks, Jan! If you want to see a full-sized version of my banner check out my Etsy shop.
I have also found a few new places to shop/sell on the internet. One is called ShopHandmade. I opened a store there last week to see if it was worth a try and I sold a card! It definitely does not get the volume of people that Etsy does, but they claim to have a different audience so I thought I would give it a try. I have the same name so my store is I'll post a better link when I have a chance to put a few more items in my shop.

It is interesting to me how you can get such a connection with someone over the Internet. I have had a few people that I have made custom orders for or who have done work for me, and I have to say that crafters are the best! I have met some really cool people! The skeptic in me says, "well how do you really know if you have never met them face to face?" Gut feeling. It has never let me down before! I have to say that I really feel a person's personality come through in an email, or blog. Perhaps one day I will connect up with some of the really interesting people I have cyber-met!

Gotta Run! Busy day ahead! Have a fabulous day!


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Anonymous said...

Hey Q love the bunny tags!
You inspire me.
It's sooooo good to be home :)