Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hey Bloggers! How's it going? Just a quick Sunday night post to catch up! I am totally pooped out from working all day yesterday at the snack bar for the "Thunder Invitational" track meet at the high school. I didn't even get to see my own son in his event! I was immersed in snack bar duties. It is hard work but it is fun. I met some really nice parents and kids that were there to help out. I adore the head coach, Matt Eckman too. He has such a wonderful way with the kids and the other coaches. He had a huge smile on his face the whole day no matter what was going on! The kids and other coaches really seem to respect him and he seems to bring out the best in everyone. That is a special person right there. There was a young man running the snack bar who was exceptional as well. He is a senior I believe. I don't know his real name, but everyone called him "Big Red". He managed both parents and kids with ease. That is not a simple task between kids with their attitudes and parents with wanting to run the show. Three cheers for Red! He handled everyone with grace and poise that I don't even have! I am glad that my son is around such incredible people everyday!

Hey just a quick note about my classes this month. My class on April 21st is full, but I have a class this Thursday, April 2nd at 10 that has several spaces open if you are local and interested. The cost of the class is $25 and you will make 4 beautiful cards plus learn some really cool techniques. These are the last classes of this schedule.
I am currently working on my samples for the next schedule. They should be really fun! I am always excited when I am creating new classes! I am teaching a Macho Cards class, an inchie class, a mini card class, and a summer-themed card class. I tried to put a little bit of everything in these clases, wedding, birthday, graduation, father's day, friendship, etc... I try to pack as many fun techniques in the classes as I can so that my students are exposed both to different techniques and products as well. It keeps everything fresh and fun! I also try and give people lots of ideas for using things they have or things they want to buy. Especially in times like these, we have to consider the many uses of an item and try to get the most use out of everything. I think that was what really hooked me on stamping, the versatility and multiple uses of the images.
My pretty Little Girl canvas sold! I also sold another one that was more wedding-ish. Both to the same person! They were only up for a couple of days! I have put a few new items up on Etsy this last week, but it seems to be a slow week. I have to get busy with some new stuff this week. I have several listings that will expire next week so I think I will let them expire for now. They have not received a lot of interest and I think I could probably sell them at work. They are on the plain side for the Etsy crowd and I have learned a lot about how to take better photos since I originally listed those. I could also repackage them a little bit more attractively and try to relist them with new photos.
My photos tonight are of our doggie Hank, a robin in our pear tree a couple of weeks ago, and the wedding-ish canvas that I sold last week. Thanks for checking in on me!
Oh dear, I just looked at the clock! I am going to turn into a pumpkin! I was going to go to bed early tonight! Oh well. What else is new? I will be fine. Have a wonderful day tomorrow!


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