Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Easter Bunny is Coming!

Hello out there! I found a cute stamp the other day that gave me inspiration! I love when that happens! I decided to try and stamp it twice, once on a plain background and once on patterned paper. I cut out the main images from the patterned paper and adhered them to the plain background. The results were great! I think I will be looking for more stamps to do this way! I was sharing my idea with my students last Thursday and I just wanted to share the picture so you all can see the result! Let me know what you think!

I also tried my hand at coloring with Copic markers this week. New love! So much fun to shade and blend! They are just incredible colors as well. I have always loved art supplies. As a kid I had every kind of marker and I hoarded them and doodled my brains out! I guess nothing has really changed! At least I am consistent! Here is an image that I had fun coloring.

The pastels are so soft and pretty! These two sets of tags are for sale on Etsy as well as one more set with chicks. It is getting a little late to sell Easter stuff, but I thought maybe someone would like them.
My kids are off school this week for spring break. We don't have any plans to go anywhere, but Dave is out of school as well and I am hoping to have some family time that is so much needed around here. We are going to a family reunion on Saturday so that should be fun. We are taking Nick's girlfriend Michele is going with us. I am excited for her to meet Dave's sister and family. The cousins love each other so much!
I have to figure out what to bring for the potluck. Hot food is out because we will not have the boathouse to heat things up. Cold food is an obvious solution, except my hubby and kids don't like much cold potluck food. I try to bring something that my family will eat, but my choices are very limited! I have to try and make it low cal too. Don't want to screw up the diet! I'm gonna call Dave's cousin tomorrow and find out if there is something he recommends and also if we should be bringing toys and candy for the kids for the egg hunt. Dave and I went a little crazy at Walmart today buying stuff for our kids! It is so much fun! I am looking forward to dyeing eggs this week and maybe making cookies or cupcakes to decorate! I am getting excited already! I have to make some special tags from the Easter bunny as well!
Well I am pooping out. I better get to bed. I have been staying up way too late getting samples made for my classes! I am not even halfway done! I am going to get more done tomorrow tho. I don't have too many things going on. The kids will be home and that always means more interruptions, but I think I will be okay if I don't get too distracted! Okay, I'm saying goodnight! My allergy medicine is kicking in! Take care!

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