Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tag Crazy!

Wow! I have been making tags like crazy for my Etsy Shoppe! I have even had some more custom orders! I have been in the cave for hours and hours everyday! So much fun! I have sent orders out to many states in the US and to Canada, Hawaii, and Australia! Pretty amazing!

I have added a new feature to my blog. I added a slide show from flickr. I hope you enjoy it! I will load more photos soon. For those of you who are blog-savvy, please be patient with my slow learning! I still can't figure out how to load my pictures on my page where I want them! Ahhh! It says"layout", but they never seem to go where I want them! They screw up my paragraphs too! If you are reading this and can help me, please comment and give me a clue!
Enjoy the new photos of some of my Etsy items and a cute photo of some conversation hearts. Check out my shop: I try to post new things every day or two.
Well, guess what? I am tired again! I have to start posting earlier when I have not fried every brain cell!
Good Night!

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