Wednesday, May 6, 2009

American Idol - Top Three

Okay. I have never really cried before when an American Idol contestant is sent home. I always figure it was their time to leave and they will be fine, right? Well tonight I actually cried when Allison was singing! Maybe it is because a friend of mine was sad about a death in her family and she is about the same age as Allison and I was sad about that. Maybe it is because I have teenagers and I know how they process things and I could see how emotional she was and I felt bad for her. But honestly, she sang so well with no holding back for that final song that I thought, "Yeah! You go Girl!" I was so proud of her! She will do well and I'm sure she will hear from her real soon. I am so glad that Kris Allen was safe. I know he is not as good a singer as Allison, but I always loved whatever he sang and I would certainly buy an album that he made. He will probably go home next week, but he is such a cutie he deserves one more week. Okay real quick. Wasn't Chris Daughtry hot?

I have no pics to post today. I have made some cute Mother's Day cards, but I can't post them yet! I'll be sure to post them next week.

I am taking a Magenta class tomorrow at The Stamp Art Shoppe. I am really excited because I love to color and they do a lot of coloring. I expect to learn some new techniques and polish up some old ones. I will have to post my projects!

Well, it is late, and I am tired. So, goodnight!


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