Monday, May 18, 2009

Make some cards!

Hello! Today was one of those days where it is noon before you know it and you are still in your jammies! A friend stopped by for a cup of coffee, and needless to say, it was noon and I hadn't even eaten breakfast! So my whole day was a little off! It was worth it to visit with a good friend though. Thanks! I don't get that kind of opportunity everyday, so I'll take it!

I have been making a lot of cards lately. It feels really good to be making them. I was holding back a little bit and trying to make stuff for Etsy and classes and gifts and things. I really missed making cards. It is always nice to have a few "just in case cards". I find I always need a "Thinking of You", a sympathy, friendship, and a few birthdays in my stash. Especially teenager birthday cards! They take a little more thought. I have been trying to challenge myself to create more and more elaborate cards, but I find that they just are not my style. I am such a simple girl. I do put a lot of detail in my cards, but the overall design is quite simple. That is what my heart creates, so I need to go with that. As my son's kindergarten teacher always used to say, "You can't get blood from a turnip!" So, I guess I will stick with turnip juice!

I was playing around with Copic markers and some grunge paper. Not together! I might try that in the future though! I went a little Stickles crazy too. They add a little dimension to the flowers and bring them to life a bit. Well, I hope you enjoy my eye-candy. More to come soon!

At the price of cards these days, it is worth it to know how to wield the mighty stamp! It is my goal to inspire others to create their own cards. I often browse down the card aisle at Target or Walmart just to see what my competition is. I have to say, there are some cute cards out there. The big card companies are even getting wise to complaints about prices and the they are offering simpler cards for 99 cents. They are also not playing fair by laser cutting beautiful patterns. Whatever. Those are the expensive ones anyway. You can't beat the love that goes into a handmade card! No one says you can't buy a card and embellish it up either! Why not? The card police are not going to come and take you away to paper jail! Have you ever seen those sets from Michael's in the $1 section? They usually have a nice paper base and you can embellish them up with sentiments, rhinestones, etc... You can even give them as a gift!

I met a sweet lady last week who said that she has all of her cards in a box! I was a bit shocked! Okay, some of my cards are in a box too, but I do use them! I just make them faster than I can use them! Come on people! We need to give them away so that we can make more! That's the fun of cards! They are not works of art, they are just cards. Let them fly and be free! Make room for the new cards on the block! If you are looking for inspiration, check out the Hero Arts blog and join the flickr group pool. So many amazing cards!

Now, go and get yourself some inspiration! Make me a card!


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