Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Can I get a comment here?

Okay, so if you read this blog and you haven't posted a comment on it, SHAME ON YOU! I am offering free goodies that you don't want to miss! Just say "hi" or something, you don't have to write a novel or anything, geez.

I am a busy little bee trying to kit for my next 2 classes at The Stamp Art Shoppe. I took some photos of my supplies because it is kind of amazing to me how much stuff you need for a fun class. If you are signed up for a class, here is your sneak peek at the goodies! I have decided to call them "treasures from the craft cave". My hubby and kids have named my craft room the craft cave because I go in there and get lost for weeks! Besides I just can't bring myself to call it a studio. For one, it's always too messy. Also, it sounds too serious. I am proud of my creations, but... No offense to others who call their craft rooms a studio, but it just doesn't fit me. I love my craft cave!

I have also been working like mad on Etsy items as well. Sales have really slowed down with the bad news from Wall St. As soon as the stocks went down, things slowed down. It's okay tho. I know people will be looking again soon. These are not lavish items, just cute little things you would have to buy somewhere else anyway, so why not from Etsy? I challenge everyone to take a look on Etsy for your Christmas gifts this year, not only will you find unique, one-of-a-kind, handmade items and art, but you will be supporting someone trying to make a living instead of some giant corporation that would squash you like a bug in a blink of an eye. I suppose I should be more PC. Naaaah! Seriously, there is everything from pet supplies to paintings, to handmade soaps, knitted and sewn items, I mean if you can think of something to make at home it is on here. Oh and the jewelry! Beautiful stuff. I know, I now I sound like a broken record, but it's true. Okay shutting up now. Going to bed now. Too tired to think anymore.
Have a fabulous day, Darling!


Anonymous said...

Hi susan,
Great Blog, I like your designs, would like to see them up close and personal. I look forward to seeing you this month.
Hugs, Laree

Anonymous said...

Wow Susan,
Everything you do is so beautiful.
I miss you so much and wish I had a free moment to come to a class. Maybe sometime soon, You are an inspiration to me because you are one of the truly amazing woman I have met in my many years. Love to get your emails even though I never see you. Kisses Carrie