Monday, September 1, 2008

Getting back into the groove

Wow! Long time no post! I have been busy preparing my samples for classes this fall at the Stamp Art Shoppe in Roseville. I have also posted 2 items for sale at I have so many cards and mini books to sell I am sure you will see a lot of my stuff on there really soon.

Life has been very interesting this summer. We lost two friends, one of ours and one of our son's. It was a tragic start to the summer. School has started back now and everyone seems to be getting back into the groove. Jake will be interning at Toyota this year, and Nick is a sophomore at Rocklin High and playing JV Football.

We do have some good news, though. We adopted a one-year old puppy from a friend. His name is Hank and he is a sweetheart. Nothing like a puppy to heal hearts. Well, that's it for now. I'll be in touch!


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