Thursday, September 18, 2008

Can you smell the coffee?

Tomorrow morning I host "coffee" for my girlfriends at my house. That means I make breakfast, coffee, and lately, mimosas, for my best friends. I always say that I love with food, so this is my chance to show them some LOVE! It will be good to have some girl time with everyone.
Still working on my room. It is soooooo close to being done. I just need one full day to finish and I probably won't get that until Monday. Oh well. I'll keep picking away at it until then. The important stuff is all in place, I just have to sort thru the junky stuff. Maybe I'll get done before Monday. (I hope!)

I had wanted to post pics of my class last week at the Stamp Art Shoppe, but I didn't have my memory card in my camera at the time and I don't know how to get the photos off the camera's hard drive! Well, I will figure it out and post them sometime soon. So, keep checking back! The picture on the left above is of the cards we are making in the Spooky Greetings class. The pic on the right is for Traditional Holiday Cards and Boxes. The Spooky Greetings class was fun and I have had really good feedback from students and customers. Thanks everyone! There is still space in a few classes, but some of them are full already. Check out the link to The Stamp Art Shoppe on the left and click on the calendar for class times and phone numbers. You can always post a comment for me to read and I can email you back.
Okay, I gotta get some sleep so I can wake up at the actual crack of dawn to make a quiche or two. Breakfast is at 9:30, wanna come?

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