Thursday, September 11, 2008

My first sale and my first comment!

Life is good today! I got my first 2 sales today on Etsy! I also got my first comment here! So Denise, you are getting and extra little goodie along with your Etsy order! Thanks for your support! Thanks to Monica and Denise for my first orders on Etsy. They are being packaged as I type, sort of. I have 4 more little surprises for the next 4 people to comment, so don't wait around!
Okay, I have to take care of some business here. I always promise pictures of what I have worked on so, here goes... The first one is Jake's graduation party invitation and some of the decorations we used for his party. He was such a good sport to let Mom do what she wanted! I love you, Bud! The second and third photos are of the little Thank you cards with pictures we gave out at the party. What a handsome kid!
More pics coming soon! I gotta go to bed now!


janice rosenthal rock said...

apqqfahxwbenvvHey there, Susan . . . how did I miss that you had a blog!!??? Your "shameless promotion" email is the first I remember hearing about it! Anyway, I LOVE IT!@! And your projects look great - I was in Sandy's a few days ago, and she said your classes were almost full - I'll have to talk to Donna and see what we want to try to get into - soon!! I hope I'm commenting in the "right spot" here . . . you know me . . . VERY technologically challenged!! I need a haircut, too - so I'll be calling soon! Keep on keepin' on, girl!! Your stuff is BEAUTIFUL!! Janice

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your blog today. Great photos of your work. I never knew you were in a band!!!
You have taught me so much about creativity, pushing my paper skills and thinking out side on the (tag) box. You are my inspiration and motivation. I love looking at your work and creatively lifting your talents! Continue your efforts teaching and selling your craft, you have so much to share.
Thanks for sharing your & my love of paper!
While a ribbon is nice,
a sticker may add spice,
and glitter can add flair.
Without the perfect paper
your only half prepared.
The best embellishments
are added love and care.

You make one hell a quiche too!