Monday, September 8, 2008

It isn't fall until football starts....

Hellooo! I encourage everyone to check out my etsy store! I now have 5 items listed there! Ooooh, aaaah! One of them is this adorable little Halloween mini book. It is so cute! Check me out at www.

Okay, this Friday is going to be very exciting! Check it out, I have my first class of the quarter in the morning. It is a Halloween card class at Stamp Art Shoppe in Roseville, CA. The cards are so cute, I can't wait for the students to make them! Then I have a couple of hours before going to Nick's first football game. I am really excited about that! I love watching my kids do their stuff! I am so proud of Nick's accomplishments. He is a solid player and such a great kid. I will be exhausted by the end of the day!

Hey if you are reading this post, send me a comment and I will send the first 5 people a little thank you gift! Talk to you soon!

Have a great day!



Denise Z. said...

Hi Susan! So glad you're back to blogging--I've missed you. Good luck with your class; I know you'll do a great job. Have fun!

porterjoan said...

Hi Q,
I finally read your comments starting the first day right up til last night. I love reading it,
All the cards, tags have made are so adorable, I will make sure I check your website everyday so I don't miss anything. Like I miss breakfast this morning I know you will do well with your Q Designs, you get better with every new project. I love you all. Mom