Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The rumors are true, I'm addicted....

To Rock Band, of course! What were you thinking? We bought Nick Rock Band for a belated birthday present, and we started a band and rocked the world! I'm no good at guitar or drums, but I can sing! All those years in choir were good for something! Jake and I trade off at lead singer, and Nick rocks on drums or guitar or bass! Dad is our manager for now, but we're gonna get him in the band. Good times!

Well, it's that time of year again... Time to organize the craft room. Ugh. I figured I better get it into shape with the holidays coming up. I'm already thinking about starting my projects. I went back to my original floorplan. I think it will work better. I try to be organized, but it never stays that way! My last floorplan never really gelled(sp?). The main problem was getting to my paper. Gotta have paper or the whole "paper craft" thing doesn't really work! Wish me luck!

I have 15 items posted on Etsy now! I'm trying to build it up, but things keep selling! Yay! I shipped a bunch of stuff out yesterday. Thanks to Aunti Dale and Vicki for your orders! Thanks also to Kim for her comment! I have a little treat for you! I'll drop it by this week. Drop by my shop and check out the newest items. www.qdesigns.etsy.com

Well, I'm gonna go. I'm tired from cleaning and organizing all day!


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